Canadian Comedy Awards

Select a year from the drop-down to view the list of nominees in each category for the selected year. Award recipients are in bold.

Live / Best Male Stand-Up
Shaun Majumder
Derek Edwards
Jason Rouse
John Wing
Mike Wilmot
Peter Kelamis
Live / Best Female Stand-Up
Kristeen von Hagen
Heidi Foss
Kate Davis
Martha Chaves
Nikki Payne
Shannon Laverty
Live / Best Stand-Up Newcomer
Debra DiGiovanni
Casey Corbin
Dave Hemstead
Dylan Mandelson
Manolis Zontanos
Live / Best Sketch Troupe or Company
The Gentlemen Callers
Birdy Num Num
Reid Along with Browning
The Cowards
Live / Best Male Improvisor
Bob Martin
Adrian Truss
David C. Jones
Doug Morency
Roman Danylo
Live / Best Improv Troupe or Company
Slap Happy
Die-Nasty: The Improvised Soap Opera
On the Spot
Sin City: The Improvised Soap Opera
Live / Best Female Improvisor
Janet van de Graaf
Diana Frances
Jane Luk
Lisa Merchant
Rebecca Northan
Live / Best One Person Show
Erotic Laser Swordfight
Fully Committed
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Things Under the Bed
Welcome to My Nightmary: Mary Crosbie
Live / Best New Play
Family Circus Maximus
A Twisted Cyrano D'Bergerac
Sideshow of the Damned
Television / Direction, Special or Episode
Henry Sarwer-Foner - Made in Canada - Damacles What a Doll
Allan Manson - Comedy Now! - Jason Rouse
John Karolidis - Ham I Am
Greg Lawrence - The Endless Grind
Television / Direction, Series
Michael Kennedy, T.W. Peacocke, Stephen Reynolds, Henry Sarwer-Foner and Jerry Ciccoritti - Made in Canada
Michael Kennedy - Blackfly
Bob Sorger - Gutter Ball Alley
Rick Green - History Bites
Greg Lawrence - The Endless Grind
Television / Writing, Special or Episode
Bob Martin - Made in Canada - Alan's Ex
Ian Boothby, Roger Fredericks - Big Sound - Number One with a Bullet
Jason Rouse - Comedy Now! - Jason Rouse
Brad Birch, Craig Lauzon - Ham I am
Jessica Holmes - Holmes Alone
Television / Best Performance by a Male - Television
Rick Mercer - Made in Canada
Rick Wharton - Conspiracy Guy
Peter Keleghan - Made in Canada
Vik Sahay - Our Hero
Martin Short - Primetime Glick
Television / Writing, Series
Cathy Jones, Rick Mercer, Greg Thomey, Mary Walsh, Luciano Casimiri, Mark Farrell, Paul Mather, Peter McBain, Christian Murray, George Westerholme and Kevin White - This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Kenny robinson, Joe Bodolai, Trey Anthony, Marina Gail, Bruce Hunter, Jean Paul - After Hours
Danny DiTata, Rick Green, Duncan McKenzie, Amy McKenzie, Eric Lunsky, Jason Taniguchi, Jeremy Winkels - History Bites
Rick Mercer, Mark Farrell, Alex Galatis, Alex Ganetakos, Ed Macdonald, Bob Martin, Edward Riche, Raymond Storey - Made in Canada
Suzanne Bolch, John May - Our Hero
Television / Best Performance by a Female - Television
Janet van de Graaf - History Bites
Anne Tager Page - After Hours
Jackie Torrens - Made in Canada
Leah Pinsent - Made in Canada
Jeanie Calleja - Our Hero
Film / Best Performance by a Male - Film
Eugene Levy - American Pie 2
Ben Ratner - Last Wedding
Andy Jones - Rare Birds
Chris Owens - The Uncles
Louis Di Bianco - Who is Cletis Tout?
Film / Best Performance by a Female - Film
Mary Walsh - Rare Birds
Frida Betrani - Last Wedding
Molly Parker - Last Wedding
Megan Dunlop - Parsley Days
Kathleen Robertson - Scary Movie 2
Film / Best Writing - Film
Karen Walton - Ginger Snaps
Bruce Sweeney - Last Wedding
Andrew Dorfman - Parsley Days
Edward Riche - Rare Birds
James Allodi - The Uncles
Film / Best Direction - Film
Bruce Sweeney - Last Wedding
Andrea Dorfman - Parsley Days
Sturla Gunnarsson - Rare Birds
James Allodi - The Uncles
William Phillips - Treed Murray