Canadian Comedy Awards

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Multimedia / Canadian Comedy Person of the Year
Dave Foley
Mike Wilmot
Mark Little
Nathan Fielder
Lauren Ash
Multimedia / Best Feature Film
Lawrence & Holloman
Old Stock
That Burning Feeling
Multimedia / Best Comedy Special or Short
S is for Bird
The Golden Ticket
Multimedia / Best Male Performance in a Feature
Jon Dore - Stag
Ben Cotton - Lawrence & Holloman
Ennis Esmer - Sex After Kids
Jay Brazeau - Sex After Kids
Paulo Costanzo - That Burning Feeling
Multimedia / Best Audio Show or Series
Stop Podcasting Yourself
The Irrelevant Show
This Is That
We're Doing It
Multimedia / Best Female Performance in a Feature
Ingrid Haas - That Burning Feeling
Amanda Brugel - Sex After Kids
Christina Sicoli - After Party
Shannon Beckner - Sex After Kids
Zoie Palmer - Sex After Kids
Multimedia / Best Audio Clip
Bee Circus
Sci Fi
XBOX One ad written by your dad
Multimedia / Best Writing in a Feature
Jeremy LaLonde - Sex After Kids
Dane Clark - Old Stock
Daniel Arnold and Matthew Kowalchuk - Lawrence & Holloman
Kelly McCormack - Play the Film
Nick Citton - That Burning Feeling
Multimedia / Best Direction in a Feature
Jeremy LaLonde - Sex After Kids
Alec Toller - Play The Film
James Genn - Old Stock
Jason James - That Burning Feeling
Matthew Kowalchuk - Lawrence & Holloman
Live / Best Male Stand-Up
Chris Locke
Darren Frost
David Pryde
Graham Kay
Ron Sparks
Live / Best Female Stand-Up
DeAnne Smith
Christina Walkinshaw
Jen Grant
Rebecca Kohler
Steph Tolev
Live / Best Sketch Troupe
Peter 'n Chris
Baram & Snieckus
Hot Thespian Action
The Templeton Philharmonic
Tony Ho
Live / Best Improv Troupe
The Sufferettes
Bonspiel! Theatre
Die-Nasty the Live Improvised Soap Opera Cast
Rapid Fire Senior Ensemble
The Sunday Service
Live / Best Male Improvisor
Adam Cawley
Alastair Forbes
Mark Meer
Rob Norman
Taz VanRassel
Live / Best Female Improvisor
Kayla Lorette
Ashley Botting
Becky Johnson
Caitlin Howden
Kirsten Rasmussen
Live / Best Comedic Play, Revue or Series
Peter n' Chris Explore Their Bodies
2-Man No-Show-3D
George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead Live
Spank!: A 50 Shades of Grey Parody
We Can Be Heroes
Live / Best One Person Show
Adopt This!
Hold Mommy's Cigarette
Polly Polly
Roller Derby Saved My Soul
Live / Best Taped Live Performance
Darrin Rose - Just For Laughs All Access
Darren Frost - Emotional Terrorism
Nile Séguin - Just For Laughs
Live / Best Variety Act
Morro and Jasp
Shirley Gnome
Wes Borg
David Merry
Bob Cates
Live / Best Breakout Artist
Ken Hall
Amanda Brooke Perrin
Christina Walkinshaw
Darcy Michael
Matt O'Brien
Television / Best TV Show
This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Season XXI
Less Than Kind
Meet the Family
This Hour Has 22 Minutes - Season XXI
Television / Best Female Performance in a TV Series
Nikki Payne - Satisfaction
Cathy Jones - This Hour Has 22 Minutes XXI
Julia Voth - Package Deal
Liz Best - Meet the Family
Susan Kent - This Hour Has 22 Minutes XXI
Television / Best Male Performance in a TV Series
Nathan Fielder - Nathan For You
Darrin Rose - Mr. D
Mark O'Brien - Republic of Doyle
Pat Thornton - Satisfaction
Ryan Belleville - Satisfaction
Television / Best Writing in a TV Series or Special
Nathan Fielder - Gas Station/Caricature Artist - Nathan For You 103
Adam Cawley, Rob Baker, Pat Smith and Rob Norman - Parental Advisory - Guidance - Ep 5
Mark Critch - The Pot and The Pirate - Satisfaction Episode 109
Matt Doyle, Derek Harvie, Evany Rosen, Ron Sparks - Sugar Daddy - Meet the Family Ep. 102
Peter McBain, Mark Critch, Shaun Majumder, Mike Allison, Bob Kerr, Greg Thomey, Jon Blair, Sonya Bell, Abdul Butt, Matt Kippen, Tim Polley, Heidi Brander, Adam Christie, Cathy Jones, Dean Jenkinson, Ron Sparks - This Hour Has 22 Minutes XXI - Episode 5
Television / Best Direction in a TV Series or Special
Nathan Fielder - Gas Station/Caricature Artist - Nathan For You 103
Derek Harvie - Germaphobe - Meet the Family Ep. 205
Jason Priestly - Save the Date - Satisfaction Episode 112
Keith Samples - Satisfaction - Episode 110 - Penis Face Cat Funeral
Vivieno Caldinelli and Michael Lewis - This Hour Has 22 Minutes XXI - Episode 7
Internet / Best Web Series
Convos With My 2-Year-Old
But I'm Chris Jericho!
Straight Man
The Casting Room
Versus Valerie
Internet / Best Female Performance in a Web Series
Kayla Lorette - Everyone's Famous
Debra DiGiovanni - Straight Man
Evany Rosen - Space Janitors
Hannah Spear - Versus Valerie
Laurie Elliott - But I'm Chris Jericho!
Internet / Best Male Performance in a Web Series
Scott Thompson - But I'm Chris Jericho!
Brendan Halloran - Space Janitors
David Milchard - Convos With My 2-Year-Old
Ken Hall - Straight Man
Pat Thornton - Space Janitors
Internet / Best Writing in a Web Series
Bob Kerr - Acting Class - But I'm Chris Jericho! Ep 104
Geoff Lapaire & Andy Hull ‐ Life Debt ‐ Space Janitors Ep 203
Jared Keeso & Jordan Beirnes ‐ Hockey Players ‐ Letterkenny Problems
David Tichauer & Ned Petrie ‐ Straight Man ‐ Episode 6
Stephanie Kaliner ‐ Sexy Nerd Girl Versus Valerie ‐ Versus Valerie Ep 1
Internet / Best Direction in a Web Series
Mike Fly & Simon Fraser - The Dark Night Versus Valerie - Versus Valerie Ep. 10
Andrew Ainsworth & Andrew Kines - Straight Man - Episode 6
Geoff Lapaire - Space Janitors - Pyus Dunes - EP205
Mike Fly - But I'm Chris Jericho! - Ep 104 Acting Class
Neil Every - The Hungry Games Part 1 - Fools For Hire - Episode 2.1
Juried Categories / Phil Hartman Award
Kenny Robinson
Juried Categories / Dave Broadfoot Award
Ron James
Juried Categories / Roger Abbott Award
Kyra Williams, Gary Rideout Jr.