Canadian Comedy Awards

This page will expand as more questions arise. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.


What the hell happened?
> The existing CCA license expired last year and control of the CCAs reverted back to the trademark holders. The awards were on hold until that separation process was completed, which happened only recently.

Who's running this ship?
> The trademark is held by Funny Business, Inc., and they are as hands-off as they have been for the preceding 16 years of the CCAs. This year's awards are being overseen by Kyra Williams, Mark Andrada and Simon Fraser.

Why are there missing categories?
> Because this is a transitional year, all industry categories have been put on hold. This year's budget and time frame made us focus exclusively on the public voting categories. Unable to give the many industry categories the attention they deserve, we choose not to attempt them this year.

That said, we have added two public categories - BEST LIVE PRODUCTION and BEST LIVE ENSEMBLE - to serve a large portion of those previously served by the missing industry categories.

Is this what the CCAs will be from now on?
> No. This is a transitional year. There are a lot of ducks to get in a row for future CCAs.

How can I complain about the CCAs with little to no knowledge about how the CCAs actually work?
> Click here to open a Twitter account.


How do I register to vote?
> Voter registration is currently on hold. Because anyone can vote in this year's awards, there is no need for you to register.

How do I become a juror?
> There are no closed juries this year. During the submission/voting period (Sept 8, 2016 - Sept 30, 2016), any votes assigned to submissions are used to determine who the nominees will be. The top 5 most-voted-for submissions in each category become the nominees.


How do I vote?
> Click on the VOTE button in the menu above. Select the category in which you wish to vote. Click the VOTE button beside the submission for which you are voting.

Can I vote more than once?
> No. You are only permitted to vote once in each category.

Can I cheat and vote more than once?
> Unless you're a Snowden-level hacker, please don't try. We have methods of detecting when someone has tried to hack our voting system and you'll be discovered and your votes will be disqualified, even your one legitimate vote. Be cool.

Is the winner decided by votes or is there a judges panel or something that has some influence?
> For the 2016 CCAs, the winners are decided entirely upon how many votes each nominee receives. In the past, the final vote was the results of points from a closed jury and the number of votes. The CCAs may or may not return to that formula or a completely different formula. But for this year, it's all on votes.

I disagree with your selection of nominees!
> That's not a question. But okay. We don't select the nominees. Anyone can submit an artist or show that meets the criteria. Anyone can nominate an artist or show that has been submitted. The nominees are the top 5 submissions that were selected democratically by all the people who nominated submissions. So if you disagree with the selection of the nominees, that's your choice; it has nothing to do with the Canadian Comedy Awards.


Am I eligible to make a submission?
> Yes. Anyone can make a submission to this year's awards. Please read the criteria first and ensure your submission meets the criteria. Any submissions identified as not having met the criteria will be removed.

How do I make a submission to the CCAs?
> Click on the VOTE button in the menu at the top of the page. Select the category to which you wish to make a submission. Below the category criteria, there is linked text that says "Submit here." Click that link.

** Please include the title of the submission and a link to a video or website that best represents that submission. **

How much is the submission fee?
> There are no submission fees this year. Submission fees may return when we are no longer in a transitional phase.

I nominated an artist/show but now it's not showing up that I did. What gives?
> You may have nominated a duplicate submission. We've had several artists/shows contact us to delete duplicate submissions so they don't split their own votes.

When we delete a duplicate submission, we move all the votes on the duplicate over to the original and then delete the duplicate. Rest assured your nominating votes were not lost.

Or you may have nominated a submission that was found not to meet the category criteria. The submission is deleted and no longer appears in the list of submissions you nominated.

Someone else submitted me/my show and they didn't include the correct link. How can I change it?
> Contact us at and we'll fix it for you.

I know for a fact that a listed submission does not meet the criteria. Are you going to remove it?
> Contact us at and we'll verify whether or not it meets the criteria. If it doesn't meet the criteria, we'll remove it.

I made a submission but now it does not appear in the list of submissions. What up with that?
> If someone notifies us that a submission does not meet the criteria and we verify that it does not meet the criteria, we remove it from the submission list. Or there was a technical error. Contact us to verify the reason.